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PE Lessons - PPA Cover

After School/ Breakfast Clubs

Whichever service you're looking for, we guarantee to provide a high standard of coaching fby our highly qualified and experienced staff. If you are interested in The JR Sports Group supporting sport at your school, please get in touch.

Lunchtime Games

PE Lessons - PPA Cover

PPA is vital for any teacher's week, especially, with teachers workloads always increasing in primary schools, whether it is marking, valuable planning and preparation or maybe attending an essential meeting or course.


We understand that some schools struggle to find a trustworthy, cost-effective solution for their PPA. That's why we only provide devoted, experienced and passionate coaches to deliver quality PPA cover.


We can cater to whatever you need. Whether you require our services every week or just once to cover a one off absence, we guarantee to run high quality lessons, engaging the children whilst teaching them vital skills and meeting the requirements of the national curriculum. 


We understand every school is different, so we do our best to cater to different circumstances and schedules. We run multiple lessons throughout a whole day, or cover a few different mornings or afternoons if the lessons are split up over several days. 

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PE Lessons - PPA Cover
Lunchtime Games

Lunchtime Games

Are you tired of sorting out little arguments of who won or ‘I didn’t get caught’? or even having to ban certain games such as bulldog?


Our Lunchtime games scheme has proven valuable to schools in providing children with a controlled environment to exercise and have fun. By offering opportunities to children get active during school time, we facilitate them achieving the recommended 30 Minutes of Physical Activity. The scheme also doubles as lunchtime staff cover, making it even more cost effective for schools by freeing up members of staff. allowing them a much needed break or time for PPA.



  • Lunchtime clubs focussed on a single sport usually paid for by parents but can be school-funded 

  • Ideal sports include those such as Soft Archery and Basketball, which don't require pupils to get changed

  • We can run other sports too and will supervise children getting changed.

  • Parents can book on through our online booking system (regardless of whether parent or school funded)


Lunchtime Games

  • Normally run as school funded drop-in sessions

  • Allows pupils free choice to get involved or can rotate children every week if there is high demand

  • Most schools run our clubs at least 2/3 times a week to reach more pupils and ensure every class has an opportunity to take part

  • Mixture of easy to understand games such as Chicken and Hero and specific sports

  • Coaches only require a small amount of space, around 1/3 of a netball court.    

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After/Before School Clubs

"THANKS TO COACH JAMES.... My son has been attending The JR Sports Group club for a couple of terms now. He's really enjoyed joining in... considering he didn't know anything about football before he started!! (Which I was concerned about)  but because the sessions are fun and inclusive, it's obvious my son gets alot out of  the sessions. Thanks Coach James for creating a safe and happy environment for our kids.’"

Gina King


We offer after school and before school clubs to provide extra sports opportunities outside of the school day, as we truly believe in the importance of children getting plenty of exercise! Our after-school club sessions focus on building skills whilst encouraging the children to have as much fun as possible! These sessions cater to all abilities and our main goal is to ensure that every child leaves our sessions with a smile. 



  • Coaches will arrive 15 minutes before the session

  • Either provide our own JR Sports Group equipment or use school equipment if agreed 

  • Register will be taken

  • Quality and Engaging Sports Session

  • Children safely dismissed to go home either to an After School Care Club, to parents or to walk home themselves with parent consent.    



  • Coaches will arrive 15 minutes before the session

  • Either provide our own JR Football equipment or use school equipment if agreed 

  • All coaches have their food hygiene certificates so can give the children breakfast first if required

  • JR Football register will be taken

  • Quality and Engaging sport session

  • Children dismissed to go to classes

After School/ Before School Clubs
Book your Childs Club

Wraparound Care

With Working Parents as busy as ever, we understand the ever-growing need for childcare outside of the school day. At The JR Sports Group, we offer Breakfast and After school clubs to fulfil this need whilst supporting your child's development.

Research has produced a lot of evidence that 15 minutes of physical and mentally stimulating activity in the morning increases focus throughout the day. With our engaging activities alongside a nutritious and tasty breakfast, we hope to ensure your child is best prepared for the school day ahead.

We appreciate after a long day at school children will be slightly fatigued, our After School Care Clubs offer a variety of activities to counter this:
- Creative activities e.g. drawing, colouring and Lego building.
- Physical activities e.g. playing some organised sport, or simple playground games
- Homework help corner to ensure children get their homework done and have necessary homework help, freeing time up for parents to spend with their children.
- Quiet areas, where they might just want to relax and read a book!

We try to keep the days as fresh and exciting as possible with different activities Monday – Friday. Our variety of activities will aid in improving their social skills, self-esteem, balance, coordination, and well-being. 

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Wraparound Care

"We have been so impressed by James and his team at The JR Sports Group. Over the last year, they have set up and run a number after school sports clubs which have been extremely popular with our children. All the coaches have been punctual and polite and have developed positive relationships with staff, pupils and parents. We are very pleased to be associated with JR Football."

Longwick CofE Primary School

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